Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Cloudast TECH’s electronic health record (EHR) platform offers a user-friendly, specialty-focused EHR solution for ambulatory healthcare practices.

The E-helpSECURE EHR platform facilitates financial performance, allowing you to focus on what matters most — providing quality care.


Whether its pediatrics, family practice, or any medical field, our electronic health records solution fits your medical specialty, with features tailored to your needs

Reporting capability

Document and report data for value-based incentive programs quickly and efficiently using our innovative EHR solution.

Reliable support

Cloudast TECH’s Customer Support team provides quick answers to your EHR questions, along with focused, ongoing support, based 100% in Romania.

Patient Care
Imagine a smooth-running practice free of administrative burden, where office managers operate efficiently and providers are able to concentrate on patient care. We give you the tools and industry information to make this a reality

Empowering your practice

E-helpSECURE offers clinical, financial, and administrative technologies that ensure connectivity and profitability, as well as patient communication tools that set the stage for exceptional care.

Achieve efficiency

Our EHR and practice management solutions create simplified, user-friendly environments, improving the quality of facetime between doctors and patients.

Maximize profitability

E-helpSECURE’s billing and revenue cycle management solutions give you the tools to streamline services, optimize performance, and pursue every penny owed.

Enable communication

E-helpSECURE Patient Portal gives patients access to an online portal, and E-helpSECURE Patient Messaging lets practices send appointment reminders and other communication.

E-helpSECURE Patient Portal gives patients access to an online portal, and 

E-helpSECURE Patient Messaging lets practices send appointment reminders and other communication.

Integrated connections


Focusing on improving the patient experience is the driving force behind our solutions.

E-helpSECURE’s resources and services give you greater control, so you can analyze data and manage chronic conditions, while remaining in touch with patients.  We offer a range of forward-thinking technologies that enhance patient care inside and outside the exam room.

E-helpSECURE has the experience, expertise, and services to guide your practice toward greater profitability in today’s ever-changing world of value-based reimbursement.

What causes shrinking profitability?

Often, the cause lurks in outdated revenue cycle processes, such as non-compliance with new federal regulations, or in changes in patient behavior. 

The transition to value-based reimbursement requires practices to adjust workflows. Reporting for value-based programs is also time-consuming — most practices lack the resources to properly adapt.

In addition, high out-of-pocket expenses for patients make it difficult for practices to increase or stabilize profitability when patients are less likely to pay. Practices can get ahead of this challenge by verifying eligibility and collecting co-pays before or at the time of service.

How can I get on the path to increased profitability?

Revenue cycle management E-helpSECURE ‘s revenue cycle management (RCM) services streamline operational and financial processes for peak financial performance. You also can increase profitability through population health and chronic care management.

Engaging with patients through E-helpSECURE Patient Portal and Patient Messaging solutions allows you to increase patient loyalty, meet value-based and pay-for-performance goals, and achieve better clinical outcomes — without adding extra work.

E-helpSECURE resources and services can guide your practice in its efforts to boost profitability, enhance patient care, and improve outcomes by being proactive in your approach and taking advantage of the E-helpSECURE Management Fee.

Compliance and Reporting
Our focus is to ensure the quality and regulatory compliance of our products to help your practice succeed in the era of healthcare reform.

Position your practice for the success you deserve

Providers who transform their practice today will reap the rewards of patient satisfaction, increased revenue, and independence. We are dedicated to your practice’s success.

Gain control of value-based care

Our products and services align your practice with regulatory requirements and help you excel in reimbursement programs.

Make patient care a priority

Partner with E-helpSECURE for a smooth-running practice, free your staff to focus on providing the care your patients expect.

Achieve long-term revenue gains

A supportive revenue plan and partnership let you get back to why you practice medicine — to care for your patients.

Resources for success in value-based care

Our strengthened commitment to the quality and regulatory compliance of our products lays the foundation for new levels of success and achievement.

Make a positive impact with insightful analytics

Analytics play a vital role in your participation in value-based reimbursement.

Our analytics tools give you an advantage as you strive for success with CMS programs.

Workflow Efficiencies
Transform medical office operations and enrich patient care with a system designed to improve workflow efficiencies and meet the ever-changing needs of your practice

Flexible information exchange

Practices shouldn’t conform to a one-size-fits-all system, and with E-helpSECURE, you won’t. Our EHR solutions simplify tasks and blend with your workflows.


Enhanced actionable data

When you partner with E-helpSECURE, you can make records management magic happen. Access and analyze patient information and take action. 


Renewed focus on patients

With innovative solutions at your fingertips, you regain control so you can refocus your energies on your No. 1 priority: providing the best patient care.


Realize workflow efficiency in engaging patient connections

Customizing communication

Whether via a call, text, or email — the best way to get in touch depends on the patient. With E-helpSECURE, you can tailor communications to patients’ preferences.

Guiding patients to the clinic

Automated appointment reminders reduce no-shows, while customizable scheduling and automated check-in processes reduce work for office staff … meaning patients receive the care they need.

Enhancing the provider-patient experience

Our solutions let providers capture data easily and accurately. They also have easy access to patients’ medical histories.

Clarifying analytics and data

E-helpSECURE opens the door to patient analytics. Delve into your patient data based on risk factors and other variables to close gaps in care. Our solutions simplify data.

Taking control of population health

If population health is new to you, E-helpSECURE can guide you through the basics. Our solutions allow you to focus on groups of patients, implement outreach, and improve outcomes. 

Improved workflows enable exceptional care

Partner with E-helpSECURE and we will turn your vision of smooth operations into a reality of boosted revenue, reduced stress, and improved patient health.

We put the EHR and practice management tools in your hands to improve workflow efficiencies.

Data Security
With patient data increasingly under attack, E-healthSECURE delivers a healthcare-specific IT data security framework to manage safety.

We are driven by the gold standard

E-healthSECURE engages in several certification and independent data security reviews for our product and service offerings.

These activities span both product and geographical regions.

Protecting and preserving the confidentialityintegrity, and availability of information and infrastructure is critical to our mission.                        

Led by an industry veteran, backed by a team of industry-leading cybersecurity experts.

Investing in your future with a cloud-hosted solution

Experience peace of mind with greater security, ease of use, and cost savings.

When you transition to hosted, we take over daily data security and service responsibilities. Hosted solutions provide predictability and eliminate surprises associated with on-premise hardware and software.

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