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Cloudast has many years of experience providing high-quality design and development services for market segments with strong demand for digital products. Explore the opportunities of web and mobile development for your business niche.


We develop for these platforms

Software that runs on a single platform can’t meet all the needs of modern businesses. We offer a wide range of services that cover a variety of platforms.


Technology Stack

We use modern, proven technologies and approaches that allow us to effectively extend and scale our products.









Automated testing

Quality-driven processes

We work to deliver only high-quality digital products. To achieve this, we’ve come up with our own magic formula.

Agile methodologies
Scrum, Lean, Kanban, TDD – each have their strong suits. At Yalantis, we pick the best development methodology for each project. Our clients are always active participants throughout the development process.
Modern architectures
We create applications using the MVP and MVVM architectural patterns. This is how we manage to write clean, maintainable, and testable code.
Automated testing
For large projects, we also automate smoke testing, regression testing, and performance testing. We choose the most reliable and effective test automation tools and techniques.
Time-honored design principles
Time-honored design principles
Proven technologies
We follow industry best practices to secure applications and protect businesses and their customers from possible threats. We use only credible, tried-and-tested frameworks and libraries.
Iterative testing
We conduct code reviews as a regular development practice to improve the quality of your products and the skills of our team.
Continuous integration
We use Jenkins and Gitlab CI to automatically assemble builds after new code has been merged into production. Continuous integration lets us find and fix problems early and easily.
Exhaustive code reviews
We conduct code reviews as a regular development practice to improve the quality of your products.

Experienced in building functional blocks for modern digital products

Messaging systems, payment systems, photo, video, and audio processing, and more – we work extensively with the modern blocks of web and mobile development. Find out more about the technology behind your future app.,

Modern smartphones and tablets are equipped with sensors that can easily pinpoint the device’s location. This location data can be effectively used by activity trackers, place finders, dating services, and ride-hailing apps if you have an idea for a location-based app.
These days, an app without payment functionality just doesn’t cut it. From buying goods to booking flights to paying for rides with the tap of a finger, in-app payments make life easier for users.
Real-time features have become an integral part of modern apps: Twitter, whose feed is updated when something new is published; Google Docs, which offers collaborative real-time editing; Instagram, which now lets users stream live videos.
Modern smartphones have almost fully replaced photo and video cameras for non-professional users. But they also intend to replace desktop editing tools, letting users edit photos and videos on the go.
Real-time messaging is now present in almost every app. Even Google Docs lets collaborators chat with each other without leaving the app. But communication isn’t limited to live chat; there are also video and voice calls. We enable all kinds of communication features in your app.
A well-constructed app needs a solid protective shield. We approach app security seriously, equipping the apps we build with complex authentication mechanisms and full encryption.

Focused on delivering immaculate solutions

We focus on clean code and the maintainability and scalability of the final product. Our team is always happy to advise you on the best technical solutions.

We handpick modern tech stack so your app runs smoothly and quickly. We name our objects and classes consistently and provide detailed comments to every piece of code.
We use various types of encryption and protocols to make your app secure, whether you’re programming a mobile banking app or a HIPAA-compliant medical platform that stores sensitive data.
Our QA team is constantly improving their expertise so we can eliminate even the smallest bugs. We check for bugs in business logic and in the general codebase.
We invest time and knowledge into designing your app’s architecture to achieve excellent maintainability and scalability. Using a multi-tiered architecture allows us to improve separate parts of the code as needed.

Complete description of our services


Addressing your software needs is at the core of our business. We build software that turns your idea into product and gives you competitive advantage.

Our custom software development company works with the clients worldwide. We have established successful partnerships with companies in the USA, EU,and have completed over 500 software projects.
Our proven approach to development and implementation let us perform equally well for small businesses and for large corporations.

  • Cloudast TECH engineers:

• Develop software from scratch
• Integrate into a currently running project
• Move legacy system to a new platform
• Run tests to assure the quality of a product
• Provide maintenance
• Design IT infrastructure architecture
Full software development lifecycle: analysis, design, development, QA, deployment, maintenance and support.


We create adaptive, responsive, websites with UI/UX interface that works fast no matter how many users hit the site.
• eCommerce
• Social websites
• Business websites
• Custom websites with specific functionality
• Integration with popular platforms.

Our full-stack developers are well-versed in Javascript, PHP, .NET, WordPress, Java, Python, MySQL, and Node.js.
We develop brand-new websites, applications and systems as well as audit and refactor the ready code.


Our enterprise solutions have enabled our USA and EU clients to cut their IT spending in half. We create IT solutions with Javascript and NodeJS technologies.
Our custom systems and applications drastically optimize the workow in your company and let your business grow faster.
• Design n-layer software architecture
• Implement custom solutions from scratch.
• Re-engineer systems for functional and architecture enhancement.
Our business analysts will study your workflow from different angles and offer an optimal IT solution.


You will bring your software product to market months ahead of your competitors with mobile programmers from our custom software company. We practice rapid mobile development of apps for iOS, Android, Windows phones and tablets. Our process lets us deliver a professional prototype with neat graphic design and core features in one week.
All apps are tested on a range of popular mobile devices, including new tech gadgets.


Our QA engineers make sure that your product is bug-free. We run manual and automated tests and examine the product through various approaches in
• Usability
• Functional
• Performance
• Stress
• Big data


We establish such level of communication you might think we work in an offce nearby. We always keep you informed via channels you prefer: email, Skype and other messengers, phone. We are always ready to visit your facilities to study your business workflow.
Transparent task- and progress-tracking in JIRA.
Flexible Agile development model: Scrum or Kanban.
Best practices of code coverage Unit Testing and TTD style guide for clear and consistent code.


Businesses in different industries have unique sets of concerns and challenges. Cloudast TECH enterprise software development team works to make organization operations as effcient as possible, so that your company can focus on growth instead of maintenance. Our enterprise systems have helped clients from the United States to Europe save time and money on IT, optimize workflow, and eliminate risks.
We develop enterprise solutions using Javascript and cutting edge technologies like Angular, React, Vuejs.

Our engineers are able to:
• Design N-layer software architecture;
• Analyze your workflow and develop IT strategies;
• Build and implement custom solutions;
Whether you need a better way to manage your warehouse, or to automate the workflow of a car service center, we have the experience and skills to find your best enterprise software solution.


Cloudast TECH provides professional web development services with our team of talented developers. IT is a fundamental part of our company, so each member of our company has been tried and tested in our own home court. We take great care in hiring, nurturing, and training skilled programmers who are passionate, experienced, and innovative. Let us create something great for you.


Custom web development requires different technologies. Depending on what you want, we can analyze and select the best tools for you. We work with HTML5, Javascript ,PHP, Java, .NET, NodeJS and CMS, along with some of the most popular frameworks, Angular, React, VueJS, which means our dedicated experts can combine multiple technologies to create exactly what your business needs.
• ANGULAR-REACT-VUE & NodeJS: We use this stack to build fast and cutting edge web platforms, PWA, and mobile apps.
• PHP & LARAVEL: We use this to develop flexible, scalable websites and applications. One of the most popular programming languages for its
ease of use.
• CMS: Content management systems developers prefers WordPress but work with Drupal and Magento on the same level of excellence. Our own framework let us build scalable websites on WordPress platform.
• Java: Our developers can use Java to create multifunctional systems and user¬-friendly interfaces.
• .Net: This technology integrates with Windows and is supported by Microsoft. This tool is widely used for website development.
Don’t know which tool to use? No worries, we can recommend and execute the best option for you, even if it combines multiple technologies!


Cloudast TECH can handle anything from innovative web development to the classic website build. Below are some of our most popular requests.
Social networking websites: Social media is one of the most innovative forms of modern communication, offering instant answers and a cross between marketing and customer support opportunities. We can do everything from create social sharing websites to embed your social media profiles in your existing website.
Web portals: These are interactive websites filled with content. We make sure your information is organized so visitors can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.
Web applications: We create beautiful web¬based apps that can handle high volumes of traffic and collect insightful data. These apps may be stand¬alone, or we can integrate them seamlessly with larger web projects.
E¬commerce: Online purchasing capabilities are crucial for online businesses, stores, and any company that wants to accept virtual payments. Our e-commerce web development services stand out for being reliable, secure, convenient, and highly customizable.
System web interface: Streamline your business process by automating the input and output of corporate information. Spend less time on menial
tasks, while ensuring information exchange is accurate and timely, every time.
Website localization: Create a website that targets your exact audience and overcomes language barriers.  More than simply translating, we write copy natively and understand the intricacies of the culture (ie. if you want your site to showcase time, we’ll code it in military time).


Keeping pace with progress, Cloudast TECH provides mobile application development services. Our mobile developers use state-of-the-art technologies for the most popular platforms: iOS and Android.


Business Applications. We not only specialize in creating effcient Android business apps, but we also know how to make corresponding iOS business apps. Both come with user-friendly interface to make your business activities smooth and convenient.
Data Analyzers. Business life can be dynamic life and fast-paced. During business trips, data analysis apps on a mobile device can prove very useful when there is no PC or laptop on hand.
Organizers and Reminders. Android apps such as calendars, calculators, alerts, measuring apps help control the constant flow of information.
Maps and Navigators. Mobile maps not only help you find your way in a foreign city but it helps you find the shortest way to the destination. You can even update them in any Wi-Fi spot.


Android OS is the best selling OS on tablets and smartphones. Our team of Android developers follows all of mobile app development market trends and applies the latest technologies in all of our projects:
Android SDK 4.4 and the following
• Integration with social networks (Facebook, Twitter)
• Photo-Sharing Networks (Flickr)
• Use of Google API
• Game Engines (AndEngine, libgdx).
iOS is an extremely popular mobile operating system. We can create any iOS app to expand your business reach and increase benets. For iOS, we use the:
• Integration with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc)
• Integration with various cloud providers (Amazon S3, Parse Server, Firebase, etc).


We have been providing end-to-end QA automation services since 2004. Whether you are looking for custom test automation framework or looking to extend your capacity by adding an oshore test automation team, our service is for you.
Our strengths: rich imagination, prompt turnaround, deep technical expertise and flexible approach to any QA automation challenge. We don’t cling to specific tools and their limitations. Instead, we concentrate on a goal and create the best solution for the specific project using industry best practices and unique in-house innovations.
Our team has repeatedly afirmed its top-level competence by helping world-famous businesses achieve their goals. We pave the way for automation where other vendors have given  f you have a QA automation challenge – we are ready to help. We will promptly analyze your case and come up with a technology demo for free. For long-term engagements, we provide a Pilot Period which allows you to test the quality of our services and withhold the payment if you are not satisfied.


• Test Automation Consulting
• Dedicated Test Automation Teams
• Development of Test Automation Harness (Software and Components) COMPETENCIES
• Functional testing at the GUI level
• Functional testing for middleware, e.g., web service API (SOAP, REST, XML-RPC)
• Functional testing on non-web API and code unit level
• Performance and load testing
• Data validation and data consistency testing at different stages of data processing and transformation, including ETL systems
• Automated code quality, test coverage and security analysis
• Development of custom automation frameworks and supporting components for logging, reporting, and result analysis, including integration
between QA automation system with existing Bug-Tracking and Project Management systems
Cloudast TECH


Data Validation Tools that provide detailed comparison of the complex structured data from dierent sources (different versions of the test target system, databases, web services) to identify data processing defects. Validation tools have friendly GUI and can be used by manual test team and development. Tools: .NET, WinForms, Oracle, SOAP, XML-RPC;
Automation Test Reporting represents centralized hub for logging and processing of automation test progress. Provides web service API to log the details of steps and failures for subsequent analysis. Provides rich set of instruments for results analysis and connection to common bug trackers. Generates reports on test-suite level (for high-level progress control) and step/substep level (for script debugging and deep fail analysis). Error information can store video of the fail (in case the test target has UI). Supports multiple projects. Tools: ASP .NET, JQuery, Ajax, Entity Framework, SOAP;
• Virtual Machine Management. Web-based application that provides access and usage (check-in/checkout/schedule) management of virtual machines deployed on multiple servers, which represent the test environment. Such a solution is required to organize eective utilization of the available computing resources by multiple distributed teams working on multiple projects. Tools: ASP. NET, MVC, VMWare API;
Test Management System Integration. Often, we need a solution to seamlessly integrate custom automation frameworks with existing test management or bug-tracking software (Quality Center, Jira, BugZilla, etc.). We have technical expertise to create a web service API to upload tests and test results to a
test management system from any source (XML, TXT, XLS, SOAP, DB). Tools: .NET C#, HP AL


«Graphic Design / Web Design» at Cloudast TECH does not mean standard design services. We offer freedom – the freedom for clients to implement their ideas. Combine that with our technical expertise and compliance with the latest market demands and you have a best-selling recipe for your business!


A good web/graphic design is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. As the number of online resources grows day by day, so does the audience who seek high quality layout and content.
A poorly designed website will turn off  a user pretty quickly will leave that website with just one click. It’s ne if it is a blog that has been neglected by its creator for years, but what if it is a business website? What if it is to attract customers to yield profit? What a disaster!
The primary role of the design is to make the website unique or, at least, different enough to attract the user’s attention. Standing out from the pack makes you competitive. If you look worthy, professional and businesslike, the prot is not slow to arrive. That’s the law!


The design must contribute to the appearance and layout uniqueness, as well as prompt site awareness. Well-known brands are usually recognized from afar, and this early recognition obviously earns huge profit for those companies.
It’s up to you to decide whether it is worth the money to invest in a sensible web design.
With a distinctive custom layout and/or an original, rich color scheme, you can bring the singularity of your Internet project into focus.
One-of-a-kind, impressive, eye-catching and professional design helps to get all of your ideas and information across. Users, in turn, take that content as important and valuable. It will be a powerful selling point against your competitors in the struggle for potential and new customers.
Cloudast TECH
A good design also requires good readability, which depends on many parameters such as:
• the length of lines,
• interval there between,
• kerning,
• leveling and font-size.


While we often get requests from both startup owners to have their design developed from scratch, we also get requests from clients who are interested in redesign.
Redesign is a normal stage in the lifecycle of any Internet resource. One basic indicator that a website is due for a redesign is decreased user activity. Our experts will help you figure out what exactly in your design demands enhancement and these very points will be fixed first.


In order to expand business interests, explore new markets, and capture new clients, many companies are becoming more distributed and flexible. Their computer networks are expanding geographically and becoming more complex. Consequently, they are getting more expensive and difficult to maintain and protect.
Cloudast TECH offers you remote administration services that will allow you to maintain computer network at the optimum level at a reasonable price.
• Set up and monitor Remote Access (VPN)
• Manage your servers (E-mail, Web, Data)
• Provide Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Protection
• Manage Webhosting Automation
• Provide Security Audit and Consulting for Networks, Servers and Services
• Provide 24×7 Technical Support
A house is only as strong and successful as its foundation. With Cloudast TECH the IT network and infrastructure of your business will be in strong, reliable hands.


Whether you need to launch and/or promote a new mobile app, get top positions in Google search results, increase brand awareness or find new customers in social networks, we’re here to help. You will get a comprehensive solution based on your business goals, competitors and target audience. Our team of experts will develop a marketing strategy, implement it and provide ongoing support, if necessary.


Mobile App Marketing (MAM)
We will help you launch a new mobile app and market it to new customers, and help you increase downloads for existing ones.
With our MAM service, we will:
• Develop an effective marketing strategy customized to the nature of your product, users, and competitors
• Optimize App Store and Google Play to achieve a higher rank in the store search results, be more visible to potential users, and increase the number of downloads
• Do media marketing to gain attention for the app and generate publicity around it through blogs, PR publications, influencers, and tech journalists.
• Set up paid advertising to put your ad in front of a massive audience and raise awareness about your app and increase your downloads.
As a result, you will:
• Improve your app position in the app store
• Increase the app downloads
• Reach your target audience
• Stand out from the competitors
• Increase brand awareness


With our IT project management services, you will save time. Our project managers will undertake the hardest work of coordinating the working process to implement your idea. A project manager can get on board at any stage of the project, but the biggest success comes when this manager works with the team from the onset of project analysis and estimation.
A Project Manager understands every technical detail well enough to estimate its value for the overall success of the project. The Cloudast TECH professional project management services offer:
Coordination of Team Work. Our project manager will:
• lead the project from analysis and scheduling to support of the released product;
• determine the requirements, resources and schedule for project implementation;
• create and maintain technical and project documentation;
• perform team assessment and evaluation;
• assign individual responsibilities within the team;
• manage the day-to-day operational aspects of a project and scope control;
• effectively predict, prevent and/or solve project issues.
Realistic Schedule Creation. Correct estimation of time needed for project implementation is important to keep the project on schedule and within budget.
Software Development Lifecycle Planning. Before starting the project, our managers will provide you with detailed development strategy. Knowing the entire plan, you as a client will be able to make adjustments, track the work in process or manage it yourself, if needed.
Remote Project Management. Our project managers are able to control teams of IT experts scattered all over the world. As the client, you can always follow the development process easily. We use a transparent and secure project management system that prepares daily and/or weekly reports for you to keep an eye on the project.


Cloudast TECH works as an IT consulting company helping to solve various problems that may arise when a new project starts up or when improving an existing one. For small businesses, IT consulting services can trigger successful company expansion.

• Feasibility Estimation. Among IT consulting firms, Cloudast TECH has a decade-long experience in providing services involving initial project analysis and detailed estimation of resources needed for project implementation. You will get an initial analysis of your project with all the peculiarities of technologies, platforms and components taken into consideration. You will get time and man-hours required for the project. Our expertise in IT management consulting and software project development allows us to determine if the project can be designed and developed according to the specifications and at what cost.

• Software Specifications Development. Comprehensive and detailed software specification is vital for development teams. It clarifies what they are expected to do and contains detailed descriptions of the features of the system being developed. Custom software consulting can help you to decide the requirements and create a good specifications document. Here at Cloudast TECH, we know how to pick the best framework, programming languages, and plug-ins for your project.

• System Architecture Design. This service helps large-scale systems to perform at high effiency levels for multiple access, reliable data storage as well as rapid and precise data analysis. We have wide experience in website and systems architecture design and are ready to help you to design the workflow system of any complexity in the shortest time.

• Pilot Projects. Pilot projects are usually created when there is not enough data to estimate a brand-new, never-done-before software project which has no precedence. In the pilot project, the proposed concept can be proven, some technical issues resolved, and the project budget corrected.

Here at Cloudast TECH, we’re always ready to help you navigate and overcome challenges that frequently occur when launching an unprecedented project.


Cloudast TECH provides expert level Salesforce implementation services for small- and medium-sized businesses. Whether you are new to Salesforce software or already an experienced client, we offer advanced solutions to optimize your workow, integrate data and analytics, and extend functionality to utilize capabilities of Salesforce cloud apps for maximum performance.
Choose the best management strategy to move your business to the cloud, master your new CRM system, or build automation software for your organization by engaging a competent and reliable vendor, who deeply understands the business and your needs. Focus on growing your business and be sure to reap the benefits from your Salesforce platform with our professional team that is ready to turn your ideas into solutions.

Our experts will work closely with you to understand your business model and objectives, define business processes, and help you to choose the best solution for your organization, whether you are going to implement Salesforce for the first time or you want to improve your existing setup.

A team of skilled administrators will help you in customization of your Salesforce applications, create Reports and Dashboards, Workflows, Rules, Processes, and other improvements with built-in capabilities to perfect user experience, streamline processes, and reduce administrative burden.

We have great command over both Frontend (Angular, React, VueJS, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Typescript, jQuery) and Backend (NodeJS, PHP, REST API, SOAP) development which allows us to create a variety of solutions for you, such as:
• Triggers to automate manual processes;
• Custom Applications to extend the capabilities of Salesforce;
• Mobile Apps to work with Salesforce1 on mobile devices;
• Community Applications to create custom portals for large audiences;
• Salesforce cloud apps;
• and many others.

Our experts will also help you with plain deployment of application to production or sandbox.


With our desire to make things right, your code will reach a new level of quality. Thorough testing will be performed for your entire Salesforce solution and unit tests will be developed with each line of code covered. End-to-End testing will examine your workflows, processes, integrations, and applications with complete production-like scenarios. Device testing and cross-browser testing may also be included depending on your needs.

Check out examples of projects and our customers’ success stories on our portfolio page and contact us for a quote and more information.

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